Eight Types of Self Storage

Published on 2/23/2024

Eight Types of Self Storage

Eight Types of Self Storage

Did you know that over 10% of Americans rent some form of self storage? When it comes to organizing our lives, storage units in Jacksonville AR can be a game-changer. From Drive Up Storage to Commercial Storage, there are various types tailored to different needs. Each type offers unique features and benefits that cater to specific requirements.

Let's explore these eight types further to see how they can simplify our lives and provide solutions to our storage challenges. Comparing the different storage unit options in Jacksonville AR can help you choose the best fit for your budget and belongings.

Drive Up Storage

Drive Up Storage offers convenient access for customers to easily load and unload their belongings directly from their vehicles. These types of storage units are designed for quick and efficient access, making them ideal for individuals looking for hassle-free storage options. Drive-up units are a popular storage type because they allow customers to drive right up to their unit, eliminating the need to carry heavy items across a facility.

At Drive Up Storage facilities, customers have the flexibility to access their belongings at their convenience. With drive-up access, individuals can save time by quickly loading or unloading items without the hassle of navigating through indoor hallways or using elevators. These storage options are perfect for those who value convenience and efficiency when it comes to storing their belongings.

Climate Controlled Storage

When considering storage options, individuals may find that Climate Controlled Storage offers a solution for preserving sensitive items in a controlled environment. Climate-controlled units maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, providing protection against extreme weather conditions that could damage sensitive items. Whether you are storing antique furniture, electronics, artwork, or important documents, climate control helps prevent deterioration due to moisture, heat, or cold.

Advantages of Climate Controlled Storage:




Temperature Control

Regulates the temperature inside the storage unit throughout the year.

Preserves items sensitive to temperature changes

Humidity Management

Keeps humidity levels stable, protecting items like wood furniture or art.

Prevents mold and mildew growth

Enhanced Security

Typically located indoors, providing an additional layer of security.

Ensures the safety of valuable possessions

Climate Monitoring

Constant monitoring to adjust conditions as needed for optimal storage.

Offers peace of mind knowing items are protected

Dust and Pest Control

Sealed environment prevents dust and pests from damaging stored items.

Maintains cleanliness and item integrity

Business Storage

Exploring the necessity of efficient storage solutions for businesses, we delve into the practicality and benefits of Business Storage. In these challenging financial times, businesses often need extra space to store inventory, documents, or equipment. Business storage facilities offer a convenient solution for companies looking to free up their commercial space while ensuring the safety and protection of their assets.

Office tenants, especially small businesses or startups, can greatly benefit from utilizing business storage units. These units provide a cost-effective way to manage excess inventory or seasonal items without the need to expand office space. Additionally, during situations like office relocations or renovations, business storage offers a temporary solution to keep important items safe and secure.

One key advantage of business storage is the protection it provides against wind, weather, and other environmental factors that could potentially damage sensitive business materials. By utilizing business storage facilities, companies can safeguard their assets and maintain business continuity even in adverse conditions.

Student Storage

Business storage solutions have proven invaluable for companies needing to secure their assets, and a similar need arises for students seeking efficient storage options. College students often face the challenge of limited space in dorm rooms or apartments, making student storage a practical solution. When exams are over, and it's time to head home for the summer or a semester abroad, having access to reliable storage space becomes essential.

Student storage facilities provide a convenient way for college students to store their belongings during breaks or when transitioning between semesters. These facilities offer various storage unit sizes to accommodate different needs, from storing a few boxes to larger furniture items. Additionally, many student storage providers offer packaging supplies such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap to assist students in securely packing their items.

Military Storage

Military personnel often require secure and accessible storage solutions for their belongings during deployments or relocations. When it comes to military storage, it's crucial to ensure the safety and protection of valuable items. Here are four essential considerations for military storage:

  1. Climate-Controlled Storage: Opting for climate-controlled storage units helps safeguard sensitive items such as electronics, documents, and clothing from extreme temperatures and humidity fluctuations.

  2. Security Features: Look for storage facilities equipped with advanced security measures like surveillance cameras, alarms, and on-site security personnel to provide added protection for stored belongings.

  3. Access Control: Choose a storage facility that offers strict access control protocols, such as personalized entry codes or biometric scanners, to restrict access only to authorized individuals.

  4. Insurance Options: It's advisable to inquire about insurance options for stored items to mitigate risks associated with unforeseen events like theft, natural disasters, or damages. Having insurance coverage can offer peace of mind knowing that belongings are financially protected.

24 Hour Storage

We often rely on Hour Storage facilities for convenient short-term storage solutions. These self-storage facilities offer around-the-clock access to our belongings, providing a sense of control and flexibility.

One of the key advantages of Hour Storage is the enhanced security measures in place. With constant monitoring and restricted entry, we can trust that our items are safe and protected at all times.

When utilizing Hour Storage, it's essential to consider insurance options to safeguard our possessions in case of unforeseen events. Many self-storage facilities offer insurance plans tailored to meet our needs, providing an added layer of protection and peace of mind.

Having hour access to our stored items enables us to retrieve or store belongings at our convenience, fitting our busy schedules and lifestyle. The convenience and security offered by Hour Storage facilities make them a popular choice for those seeking temporary storage solutions.

Vehicle Storage

For individuals looking to store larger items or vehicles securely and conveniently, Vehicle Storage facilities offer a practical solution. These facilities cater to various needs, from storing cars and motorcycles to boats and RVs. Here are four key aspects of Vehicle Storage:

  1. Vehicle Storage Units: Vehicle storage units come in different sizes to accommodate various vehicles, providing protection from the elements and potential theft.

  2. Boat Storage: Many Vehicle Storage facilities offer specialized options for boat storage, including covered spaces or designated outdoor areas near water access points.

  3. Outdoor Storage Units: Outdoor storage units are ideal for larger vehicles such as RVs or trailers, offering easy access and space for maneuvering.

  4. Outdoor Vehicle Storage: Outdoor vehicle storage is a cost-effective solution for those looking to store their vehicles in a secure, open-air environment. These spaces can be ideal for cars, motorcycles, or smaller recreational vehicles that don't require enclosed garages.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

When considering storage options, climate-controlled storage units provide a controlled environment to preserve delicate items from extreme temperatures and humidity fluctuations. These units are equipped with humidity controls to maintain optimal moisture levels, making them ideal for storing temperature-sensitive and valuable items. Whether you need to store antique furniture, electronics, important documents, or artwork, climate-controlled units offer the peace of mind that your belongings are protected from the damaging effects of humidity and temperature extremes.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units



Ideal for

Humidity Controls

Maintains optimal moisture levels

Temperature-sensitive items

Controlled Temperature

Protects items from extreme heat or cold

Valuable items

Enhanced Security

Extra protection for stored belongings

Delicate items

Temperature-Controlled Units

Temperature-controlled units offer a reliable solution for safeguarding items that require consistent temperature maintenance. These units provide a controlled environment where the temperature is regulated to protect sensitive items from extreme heat or cold.

Here are four key benefits of utilizing temperature-controlled storage:

  1. Protection: Climate-controlled units ensure that your belongings are shielded from temperature fluctuations that can cause damage over time.

  2. Preservation: Items such as antique furniture, important documents, electronics, and artwork can benefit from being stored in a stable environment.

  3. Prevention: By maintaining a regulated temperature, these units help prevent mold, mildew, and corrosion, which can be common in spaces with varying temperatures.

  4. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your valuables are stored in a secure and temperature-controlled space provides peace of mind, especially for items with sentimental or monetary value.

When considering storage options for temperature-sensitive possessions, climate-controlled units offer a reliable solution to keep your items in optimal condition.

Eight Types of Self Storage

Smart Units

In our modern storage landscape, Smart Units revolutionize the way individuals interact with their stored belongings. These innovative storage solutions, found in modern self-storage facilities, incorporate advanced technology to provide a seamless and convenient experience for users. Smart units offer enhanced access control, allowing renters to manage their units remotely through smartphones or computers. This feature not only streamlines the rental process but also enables users to check on their belongings without physically being present at the facility.

Moreover, smart units come equipped with top-notch security features to ensure the safety of stored items. These may include surveillance cameras, secure entry systems, and alarm systems, providing renters with peace of mind regarding the protection of their valuables. By integrating technology into the storage experience, smart units offer a level of convenience and security that traditional storage options may lack. Embracing these advancements in self-storage can make organizing and safeguarding belongings a hassle-free task for users.

Storage Lockers

Smart Units have redefined storage solutions, and now let's explore the practicality and versatility of Storage Lockers in the self-storage industry. Storage lockers are a convenient type of storage that offers various benefits to users. Here are four key points to consider:

  1. Space Optimization: Storage lockers are ideal for storing small items or belongings that don't require a large storage unit. They're perfect for individuals looking to declutter their living space without renting a full-sized unit.

  2. Easy Access: Unlike outdoor storage options, storage lockers are typically located indoors, providing easy access regardless of the weather conditions. This indoor convenience makes it simple to retrieve or store items at any time.

  3. Enhanced Security: Many storage facilities with storage lockers are equipped with security cameras and other safety measures to ensure the protection of your belongings. This added security can offer peace of mind to users.

  4. Versatility: Storage lockers come in various sizes, allowing users to choose the option that best fits their needs. Whether you need a small locker for a few boxes or a larger one for sports equipment, there's a locker size suitable for every requirement.

Drive-Through Storage

Navigating through the convenience of Drive-Through Storage, users can seamlessly access their stored items without the hassle of navigating through a traditional storage facility. Drive-up self storage units are a convenient option within a larger building, allowing customers to drive directly to their storage unit doors. This setup eliminates the need to carry heavy or bulky items across a facility, making it a time-saving solution for individuals and businesses alike.

Drive-through storage provides a straightforward approach to loading and unloading belongings, especially for those with limited mobility or large items. The ease of driving up to your unit's door simplifies the process of moving items in and out of storage. With this convenient option, accessing your belongings becomes a quick and efficient task, enhancing the overall storage experience.

Warehouse Storage

Transitioning from the convenience of Drive-Through Storage, Warehouse Storage offers a larger-scale solution for individuals and businesses seeking spacious storage options. Warehouse storage facilities are ideal for those requiring more extensive storage space, whether for personal or commercial use. Here are four key aspects of warehouse storage to consider:

  1. Variety of Storage Unit Sizes: Warehouse storage facilities typically offer a range of unit sizes to accommodate various needs, from small units for personal items to larger units suitable for business storage.

  2. Flexible Business Storage Solutions: Businesses can benefit from warehouse storage by utilizing the space for storing excess inventory, equipment, or documents. This can help free up office space and streamline operations.

  3. Secure Commercial Self Storage: Warehouse storage units often come with advanced security features such as surveillance cameras, gated access, and security personnel, providing a safe environment for storing valuable business assets.

  4. Cost-Effective Storage Options: Despite offering larger storage spaces, warehouse storage can be a cost-effective solution compared to renting multiple smaller units. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses looking to optimize their storage budget.

Commercial Storage

When considering storage solutions for business needs, commercial storage facilities offer tailored options to accommodate various inventory and equipment requirements. As a business owner, having a secure and convenient space to store business supplies is essential. Commercial storage units provide a safe environment for keeping excess inventory, important documents, or equipment that may not fit in your office or storefront.

Commercial tenants can benefit from the flexibility of commercial storage facilities, allowing them to scale their storage space based on their changing business needs. It's important to ensure that insurance coverage is in place to protect valuable business assets stored in these facilities. In some cases, commercial storage facilities may encounter non-paying tenants, leading to potential challenges in managing the space efficiently.

Contractor Storage

As business needs vary, another type of self storage that caters to specific requirements is Contractor Storage. This type of self storage is ideal for contractors and construction companies looking to store larger items and equipment securely. Contractor Storage facilities often feature pre-engineered metal buildings, providing ample space for storing tools, machinery, and materials.

Here are four key features of Contractor Storage:

  1. Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings: These structures offer durability and security for storing valuable equipment and materials.

  2. Larger Items: Contractor Storage units are designed to accommodate larger items that may not fit in traditional storage units.

  3. Outdoor Spaces: Some Contractor Storage facilities also offer outdoor storage options for larger equipment or vehicles.

  4. Repair and Storage Liens Act: Contractors can benefit from the legal protections provided by the Repair and Storage Liens Act, which can help in case of non-payment for stored items or services rendered.

Key Takeaways

  • Drive Up Storage offers convenient loading access.

  • Climate Controlled Storage ensures stable conditions.

  • Smart Units provide advanced security and remote management.

  • Specialized solutions cater to diverse storage needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Store Perishable Items in a Self Storage Unit?

Yes, we cannot store perishable items in a self storage unit. These items can spoil quickly, attract pests, and create health hazards. It's best to find alternative storage solutions for perishable goods to prevent issues.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Types of Vehicles That Can Be Stored in a Vehicle Storage Unit?

Yes, there are restrictions on the types of vehicles that can be stored in a vehicle storage unit. Size limitations and guidelines on non-vehicular items stored with the vehicle are common restrictions to consider before renting a storage space.

Is There a Limit on the Amount of Time I Can Access My Belongings in a 24 Hour Storage Unit?

Yes, there may be limits on accessing belongings in a 24-hour storage unit. Some facilities have restrictions to ensure security. It's best to check with the storage provider for specific details on accessing your items.

Are There Any Special Considerations for Storing Fragile or Valuable Items in a Storage Locker?

When storing fragile or valuable items in a locker, it's crucial to wrap them securely in bubble wrap or padding like a precious gift. Additionally, consider using climate-controlled units to protect delicate belongings from extreme temperatures.

Can I Rent Multiple Units at Once for Larger Storage Needs?

Yes, we can rent multiple units at once for larger storage needs. It allows for more space and flexibility. We find it convenient when organizing belongings or for businesses requiring additional storage capacity.


In conclusion, whether you're looking to store your business inventory or your personal belongings, there are a variety of self-storage options to choose from. From drive-up storage for easy access to climate-controlled storage for delicate items, there's a solution for every need. So whether you're a student, military member, or contractor, rest assured that there's a storage option for you. The possibilities are endless - it's like having a storage buffet at your fingertips. - The Top 5 Amenities to Look for in Self-Storage Facilities